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Granja Tres Arroyos Uruguay S.A. Facilities

Its premises include a Hatchery Plant with a production capacity of 420,000 eggs per week, which supplies with bb chicks to the raising farms. These farms are situated in the Departments of Montevideo and Canelones. The firm is currently raising 1,600,000 chickens. It has state-of-the-art technology in order to increase its production constantly.
The feed mill is located in Joanicó. Its aim is to produce the balanced feed necessary for the birds. It manufactures about 7000 tons monthly, with a storage capacity of 4,500 tons. There are labs where raw material and elaborated products are analyzed (including microbiological analysis). The slaughter plant produces 50,000 birds per day which are sold both in the domestic and Internacional market. It is currently considered a leading company as regards both, export and production activities.
The plant is completely automated with state-of-the-art technology and is authorized to export to most demanding markets. In its facilities there is a cooling tunnel which has 2200 positions and 2 cold stores with a capacity for 1200 tones.


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