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Slaughter Plants

Granja Tres Arroyos owns three processing plants: La China, located in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos; Cahuane, located in Capitán Sarmiento, Buenos Aires Province; and Pinazo, in Pilar, Buenos Aires Province. Among them they produce a daily total of 500,000 birds, which are sold both to the domestic and Internacional market.
The processing plants are fully automated and equipped with leading technology. They are authorized to export to the most demanding markets. We export to members to the EEC, Chile, Switzerland, Japan and the Middle East, among others. In their facilities, these plants include bird cooling systems such as water chillers, cooling tunnels, spiral freezers, continuous cooling tunnels with a capacity exceeding the 600,000 kg, cold stores for both, frozen and refrigerated products, rooms for flavoured, cooked and pre-fried products. They all include quality control departments which fulfill an ongoing supervision and control of the product quality, based on national and Internacional quality and hygiene regulations, such as GMP, GHP, SSOP, Creha Plan, HACCP, Traceability, IRAM-Fundación ArgenINTA, IMO.


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