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Controlled breeding

Granja Tres Arroyos has set up an excellent biosafety programme. The raising process of the Argentine chicken is developed in ecologically controlled farms located in areas specially adapted for poultry. Flocks' development is genetically monitored and improved by means of a feed formula based on maize and soybean, with vitamins, minerals and all natural ingredients suitable for balanced feed.
Granja Tres Arroyos is authorized by the Animal Health National Service (SE.NA.SA. for its name in Spanish), an Argentine government body in charge of monitoring the conformance to the health rules of our country. The company has two laboratories: one in Concepción del Uruguay and one in Capilla del Señor. These labs carry out analysis of raw materials (cereals) and of products (whole birds, cuts, by-products, etc.), water, hand swabbings and surface swabbings which are taken in the slaughter plants.
With this monitoring system we evaluate the sanitary and development conditions of the slaughter plants. Each production area keeps monitoring records required as regards the process and the follow-up of the products in the different stages. With these requirements registered traceability of the product is possible.

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Regulations Certified by SE.NA.SA

GHP Good Hygiene Practices

GMP Good Manufacturing Practices

SSOP's Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures

HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points

In order to guarantee and enhance the superior quality of our products, Granja Tres Arroyos puts forward the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

This system is based on prevention. It is a voluntary method of preventive control audited by government bodies which results in an ongoing control over the production chain. The HACCP helps us produce safe food products.

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National plan for waste and hygiene control in food.

SE.NA.SA takes bimonthly samples of the product being manufactured.

Certificación Conjunta ArgenINTA

Certification System that controls de group of operations involving breeding, raising, feeding, transport, processing, packaging and distribution of poultry for the production of Campos de Areco, ensuring traceability from the first to the final stages.

IMO Certification

Institute for Marketecology

Chicken production following specific rules based on the protocol required to export to Switzerland (LDV-free certificate)


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