Elaborated products

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This plant produces cooked hen meat which is presented in two different ways: diced and IQFrozen meat sticks, and blockfrozen whole muscle meat cuts. Both use natural portions of light and dark meat. Due to the fact that it is a Cooked Products plant, it conforms to the most strict hygiene and sanitary regulations, and to the GMP and HACCP system in all its production processes. Physical and chemical analyses, as well as microbiological analyses, are also performed both in the raw products and in the final one.

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Pre-fried and Fully Cooked

This plant includes state-of-the-art equipment in order to get a wide range of products: breaded, pre-fried, cured, steam-cooked or hot-air cooked, among others. Moreover, most strict manufacturing practices are adopted, as well as the HACCP system and hygiene and health regulations, lab analysis (microbiological, chemical and physical) of each production batch. The plant is divided in to four physically distinguishable areas: raw product, cooking, primary packaging and, finally, polythene bag packing.


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