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Grandparent farms

Since 1962, Cobb breeders have been produced in Argentina. At Santa Elena, in Entre Ríos Province, which is an area characterized for being isolated and far from pollution, six farms were set up: two breeder farms to supply four laying farms. A balanced feed plant was also included in the complex to ensure the fulfilment of the birds' pollution-free nutritional requirements, as well as an incubation plant equipped with the most advanced technology. Both plants will allow us to produce the best quality breeders in the market, while maintaining required standards.

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Parent farms

Once chicks are born in the Grandparent Hatchery Plant, they are sent to the Breeding farms. The breeding period is the growth term in breeders which goes from the first day of life to their first twenty weeks. When they reach the twenty weeks of age, breeding period finishes, this is when birds are taken to the Laying Farm. The reproduction period is when males and females mate and produce fertile eggs from which BB broilers are born

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Broiler frams

Once the eggs hatch at the incubation plant, the chicks are transported on special trucks to the raising farms. These farms could be our own farms or foster ones placed in the Provinces of Buenos Aires and Entre Ríos. They are equipped with all the necessary technology to ensure animals' welfare. Once the birds reach an average processing weight, they are transported to the processing plants. Thanks to its vertically integrated structure (our company carries out all stages of production, from feeding to marketing), Granja Tres Arroyos can ensure traceability in its production process. Traceability, together with all our sanitary controls, ensures the best quality of our products.


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